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American Airlines CEO says Qatar proposal makes no sense

June 22nd 2017 4:45PM
American Airlines Chairman and CEO Doug Parker is blunt about how he views Qatar Airways proposal to buy up to ten percent of his airline.

Qatar Airways' Play For American Airlines: A Geopolitical Maneuver Or Just A Curious Investment?

June 22nd 2017 2:24PM
With its surprise move to buy up to a 10% stake in American Airlines' parent company, is Qatar Airways making its boldest move yet to become one of ...

Norwegian Airlines Offering Cheap Flights From Buenos Aires to London

June 22nd 2017 2:07PM
On February 14, 2018 — Valentine's Day next year — Norwegian Airlines will break into the Argentine market and offer low-cost flights from Buenos ...

Qatar Airways Wants A Billion-Dollar Stake In American Airlines

June 22nd 2017 1:33PM
Qatar Airways wants to buy a 10% state in American Airlines, the two companies said on Thursday, in what would be one of the largest foreign ...

Qatar Airways wants to buy 10 percent stake in American Airlines

June 22nd 2017 1:33PM
American Airlines, with a hub in Philadelphia, disclosed Thursday that Qatar Airways is looking to acquire a 10 percent stake in the company.

United Airlines to offer Uno's deep-dish pizza in-flight

June 22nd 2017 1:23PM
The airline — which is headquartered in Chicago, where the first Uno ... menu item comes as several competing airlines are revamping their in-flight ...

American Airlines CEO writes a scathing response to Qatar Airways' desire to invest

June 22nd 2017 1:11PM
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker wrote a letter to employees in response to Qatar Airways announcing its desire to invest in the company.

American Airlines Union: This Bid Is an Act of 'Aggression' By Qatar Government

June 22nd 2017 1:01PM
American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL) CEO Doug Parker, along with the carrier's pilots and flight attendants, expressed a lack of enthusiasm for Qatar ...

American Airlines is changing its uniforms after thousands of workers claim the clothes made them ...

June 22nd 2017 12:37PM
However, while the union claims it has received more than 3,000 complaints, American Airlines previously told Business Insider that it had only ...

Qatar Airways Plans to Take Major Stake in American Airlines

June 22nd 2017 12:36PM
Qatar Airways informed American Airlines today that it plans to take about a 10% stake in the carrier.

Condor Airlines: Sky Harbor adds non-stop flight to Germany

June 22nd 2017 12:29PM
PHOENIX - A new international route is arriving at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Condor Airlines will start flying out of Phoenix to Frankfurt, Germany in ...

Norwegian Airlines are launching low-cost flights to Argentina

June 22nd 2017 12:26PM
From 14 February, the airline will connect Gatwick with Pistarini airport, the main hub for Buenos Aires. Fares of under £600 return are widely available ...

Qatar Airways seeking 10 percent stake in American Airlines

June 22nd 2017 11:41AM
Qatar Airways Ltd. is seeking to buy about 10 percent of Fort Worth-based American Airlines Group Inc. — an unsolicited overture by a bitter rival that ...

Why the world's favorite airline wants a piece of the one in 74th place

June 22nd 2017 11:18AM
American Airlines is no fan of the world's favorite airline, Qatar Airways. The feeling isn't mutual. The gulf carrier says it is seeking a stake as large as ...

Qatar Airways: Stake in American Airlines is passive

June 22nd 2017 10:48AM
CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports the latest statement from Qatar Airways after the news of its intention to get a 10-percent stake in American Airlines.

American Airlines flight circles Charlotte for 4 hours after mechanical problem

June 22nd 2017 10:33AM
News outlets report American Airlines flight 730 was able to return safely about 11:45 p.m. Wednesday to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Southwest Airlines Stock Upgraded: What You Need to Know

June 22nd 2017 10:33AM
Up more than 51% over the past year -- and beating the market by 35 points, by the way -- shares of Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) have richly ...

Here's how much Berkshire Hathaway made on its airline investments Thursday morning

June 22nd 2017 10:33AM
Berkshire Hathaway's holdings of four major airlines gained $174 million since the stock market's close on Wednesday. The conglomerate owns tens ...

Frontier Airlines Tells Customers To Just Fucking Deal With It

June 22nd 2017 10:22AM
DENVER—Noting that some discomfort should be expected while traveling to a faraway place in just a few goddamn hours, officials from ...

Qatar Airways seeks to buy stakes in American Airlines

June 22nd 2017 10:20AM
Qatar Airways is attempting to buy a 10 percent stake in American Airlines, which has confirmed the move by filing for a required review by the US ...