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Inside KarateAs Head of BRI, Mark Stewart is probably best known for returning JKD back to L.A. Chinatown in 1992. Mark Stewart has taught martial arts, defensive tactics, combative sports and fitness throughout the USA and Asia. Mark Stewart has taught at Universities and Fitness Centers including UCLA, USC, and University of Hawaii at Manoa as well as Clark Hatch Fitness Centers, Powerhouse Gyms and Shinjuku Sports Center in Tokyo, Japan. Mark Stewart was an Adjunct Professor of Physical Education, at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California from 1999-2001, where he taught martial arts and self defense. Mark Stewart was also an Elective Sports Coach at Singapore Poly-Tech College where he taught women's self defense.

Mark Stewart has also taught many individual law enforcement and military personnel throughout the years, including Police, FBI, AFP and U.S Navy SEAL and Demolition Team members. Mark Stewart was the co-founder and head trainer of the Los Angeles Chinatown Safety Patrol, founded in 1994. Mark Stewart was the former Training Manager of Defensive Tactics and Un-armed Combat for X-Secure in Singapore. Including clients such as ICA / Immigration Checkpoints Authority. He also taught the Changi Prison "Spear Team" Baton and Defense in Singapore.

Mark Stewart began his martial arts training in the Chinese/Okinawa style of Karate known as Uechi Ryu. At the age of 18 he was awarded his 1st degree Black Belt and in 1989 became the youngest 5th degree Black Belt in the World, of the Okinawa Karate Do Association of Okinawa, Japan under Sensei William Keith and Sensei James Thompson.

Mark Stewart was a long time private student and Certified Instructor under the late Guro/Sifu Ted Lucaylucay in Philippine Weaponry, known as Kali and Bruce Lee's "Jun Fan Gung Fu/Kickboxing" (Kali/JKD) as well as a longtime private student and Authorized Instructor under the late Sifu Ted Wong in the "Latter Stage" developments of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.

He has taught throughout the world in countries such as Japan, France, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Canada and the USA. Mark Stewart is a former Karate Champion and 1992 Grand Champion in the Great Lakes Region of the USA as well as an International Kickboxing Competitor with a record of 15-5-1 who's last fight was a victory, under Savate rules in 1994. (Los Angeles, CA)

Masters & StylesMark Stewart is a published author who has been featured in and on the cover of many magazines including Inside Karate, Inside Kung Fu, Masters and styles, Black Belt, Karate Illustrated, Fighter Magazine of Sweden, Martial Arts Illustrated of Great Britain, and Siam Combat of Thailand. Mark Stewart has also been featured in other publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Tokyo Classified, Farang, A Day, The Nation, BK Metro and Singapore Straits Times. Mark Stewart has also been featured in many instructional videos including Unique, Black Belt and Moon River Productions. In 1994 Mark Stewart was featured on the Malaysian T.V. Series "Maha Guru"and became the first martial artist to demonstrate the art of Kali on Malaysian television. In 2002 Mark Stewart was featured on the Thai T.V. Series "Martial Arts" on UBC Super Sports and became the first martial artist to demonstrate Jeet Kune Do on Thai television. In 2003 Mark Stewart was featured by Reuters New Agency which aired throughout the world, including CNN World Report CNA and ITV. In 2003 Mark Stewart and his group performed for the APEC Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2010 Mark Stewart demonstrated JKD on RAZOR TV in Singapore.


Mark Stewart's Martial Arts History

Mark Stewart has studied a variety of martial arts over the years. These martial arts include the following:

  • 1974-1991 - Uechi Ryu Karate: William Keith and James Thompson
  • 1979-1982 - Arnis/Doce Pares/PTK: Edgar Guevarra
  • 1980-1985 - Kickboxing: Brian Lentz
  • 1985-1986 - Wing Chun: Sam Chan
  • 1986-1991 - Wing Chun: Som Yung Gai
  • 1986-2001 - Martial Art: Louie Campos
  • 1987-1994 - Kali and Jun Fan Gung Fu/KB/JKDC : Dan Inosanto
  • 1987-1996 - Kali and Jun Fan Gung Fu/KB/JKDC: Ted Lucaylucay
  • 1990-1997 - Muay Thai: Nanfa Siharadjdecho, Puk Jumjuntr and Vut Kamnark
  • 1991-1997 - Savate: Francais Echinard and Nicholas Saigniac
  • 1997-2010 - Jeet Kune Do: Ted Wong

Louie Campos: Training with my friend Louie Campos over the years, has included many methods and can best be described as studying "martial art" as a whole. Louie is the most dedicated martial artist I have ever met.

Note: Although on a less regular basis, these instructors have influenced me "greatly" through occasional training sessions and discussions throughout the years: Sambo/Grappling - George Tony, Kali/Boxing - Lucky Lucaylucay, Kali/Arnis - Leo Gaje, Pentjak Silat - Paul De Thouars, Tai Chi/Suai Chiao - Mark Cheng and Japanese Sword - Dana Abott.

Lastly: Teaching martial arts, has "taught me" many things. All of my students throughout the years have helped me and continue to help me grow, through our shared passion of martial art. I thank you all.


Although most of the above mentioned people, both teachers and students are friends, I must mention a few more right here:

Vince Uttley: For excellent training, moral support and discussions throughout the years. My Bruh in the Martial Arts and Life.

Drew Pruhs: For being my JKD Confidant and asking Ted Wong the questions that I forget to ask, as well as writing down the answers.

Julio Zaldivar: For his patience, generosity and technical support.

Mike Crow and Don Joyner: For keeping me tough in the early days.

All of my current students and sparring partners: For keeping me tough now.


"You're stuck with me" .... Sorry... Love...




"Mark Stewart has been doing it right for decades. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to whatever subject he teaches.  I remember seeing you on the cover of magazines and reading your articles hoping to work out with you someday. When we met in Thailand and discussed many things about martial arts and the martial industry, I learned a lot from the conversation and realized you were more well-rounded and experienced than I previously knew. It is no surprise to me that you have such a long-term loyal following. New guys should be paying attention to veterans like you who have paid their dues and know the ropes."

- Tom Sotis - Founder of AMOK Combatives


" I found the techniques and strategies that Sifu Mark E. Stewart taught to be interesting and educating. The footwork drills and angles that were shown were applicable and easily adaptive to my game. I really appreciated the time and patience Sifu Mark gave to share his knowledge and experience."

- Prof. Adam Shahir Kayoom - WPMF World Muay Thai Champion, BJJ Black Belt and ONE FC MMA Fighter



After being awarded a new defensive tactics contract in Singapore I was in need of a well rounded, articulate and proficient martial artist and had to look no further than to Mark Stewart who I had already trained with several times in Bangkok. His ability to blend his vast experience of stick and knife fighting to my defensive tactics system was enormous and he upgraded and refined the courseware which has been well received by all law enforcement officers that have trained with him. After being in the martial art and defensive tactics industry for over 20 years I can honestly say Mark is a rare breed of practitioner who has all the honorable attributes to make someone both highly talented and knowledgeable but humble and respectful at the same time. It has always been a pleasure working and training with Mark and is and always will be my first choice of defensive tactics instructor.

- Aaron Le Boutillier Managing Director of LBG Le Boutillier Group



"As a lifelong martial arts student & researcher, I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn of, meet, and train with some of the world's finest martial artists. However, some of the most outstanding fighters are not always the best when it comes to pedagogical skill. As a student of the martial arts, your growth is completely dependent on how well someone can make a particular skill set comprehensible, digestible, and reproducible for you. Mark Stewart is one of those rare instructors who not only has distinguished himself as a topflight fighter, but also someone who is devoted to making his skills YOUR skills. He has the tremendous ability to make training sessions, fun, challenging, realistic, and rewarding. The time you spend training under his guidance will pay you solid dividends!"

- Dr. Mark Cheng




I have borrowed liberally from Sifu Stewart's outstanding knowledge of the martial arts. I was heavely influenced by his footwork drills while fighting in elite international karate events and I have fully implemented his knife fighting drills in my instruction of in service, police officers. I have trained with Sifu Stewart since the late 1980s and his instruction and training methodology is professional , logical and very easy to add to any system that you are training in.There are very few instructors that can offer the level of martial arts expertice that Sifu Stewart does. I would hightly recommend Sifu Stewart's seminars and feel safe saying it will leave you with months of new material.

- Sgt. Al Doorlag Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Dept. Head Defensive Tactics Instructor Kalamazoo Regional Police Academy, Head Instructor Western Michigan University Karate Program, 6 Time AAU national karate Champion/Member of the USA/AAU national Karate team.


Sifu Mark Stewart is the consummate martial arts instructor. His incredible breadth of knowledge and experience enables him to take his students not just in the directions he wishes, but in the paths that they need. Sifu Stewart can take a class through the rudiments of Kali, the fundamentals of Jun Fan Kick Boxing, the drills of Wing Chun and the combinations of Savate; all in one session and all to meet each individual student’s need. There are only a handful of instructors in the world that can authentically do that.


- Prof. Armando Basulto, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Savate Silver Glove


I started training with Mark without knowing his background, due to the emphasis he put on functionality and testing the material (i.e. hard sparring). In a short time, I learned that Mark has a very analytical mind and he used that mind to explore what he was teaching. Mark benefitted from training with Ted Lucaylucay and we benefitted from his teaching the Lucaylucay curriculum. Later, Mark had the privilege of becoming an instructor under and personal student of Ted Wong. Over the years, I have said many times that Mark is one of the few martial artists out there who both has a deep understanding of what he teaches, as well as the physicality to pull it off. Mark has always been generous as a teacher and someone whom I have tried to emulate as I went from student to instructor. Anyone who trains with Mark will benefit greatly from his years of training and experience.

- Drew Pruhs So. Cal. Police Officer and Martial Artist