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Boxer Rebellion International

In 1992 Mark Stewart founded the L.A. Chinatown Kali/JKD Club and had already begun to teach internationally, on a regular basis. The name Boxer Rebellion International was used to express the idea of "personal rEvolution through martial arts training" and continues to be our mission.

Boxer Rebellion 1900

In China around 1900, during the Ching Dynasty, there occurred an uprising that would later be called the "Boxer Rebellion". The Boxer Rebellion was an attempt to rid China of foreigners who were oppressing indigenous ways and attempting to convert the Chinese to the "civilized ways" of Western society.

Although atrocities were committed on both sides and the Boxers (martial artists) were abandoned by their rulers, the Rebellion represented revolution against oppression.

Boxer Rebellion 1967

Around 1967 Bruce Lee was considered by many, to be rebelling against, what he described as the "classical mess" , or classical martial arts. Lee believed that each individual was more important than any particular style or method and that most classical methods of his time were practiced unrealistically.

Boxer Rebellion 1992

BRI represents "personal revolution" through honest expression of martial art. BRI represents progressiveness. Not progressive in the sense of avant garde. Because today's avant garde is tomorrow's classical mess. BRI expresses the root, which in the case of progressive means to make progress individually and subsequently on the broader scope of the human family.



Mark Stewart is one of the rare JKD Instructors who has been exposed to Early JKD, Later JKD and JKD Concepts and offers a view outside of any particular camp...


Boxer Rebellion International


Philosophy: Our root philosophy can best be summed up in this statement, "The height of cultivation, leads to simplicity and simplicity is the pinnacle of refinement". Simplicity translates into effective, efficiency. We practice a science with a philosophy that is expressed individually as art.

Science: Our method is a science of hand to hand combat/self-defense that is based on an understanding of human physiology through geometry and physics.

Art: Our method is expressed through (Note: athletics and sparring or "in emergencies" through actual self -defense)

East/West: Our method is influenced from both eastern and western disciplines and is more accurately defined as being human or universal not ethnic, racial or national. However, with that said we must give credit to past masters and their methods. Our root is inspired from the ancient Vedic (Indian) and Taoist (Chinese) disciplines of the East to the ancient Pankration/Olympiad (Greco-Roman) and modern athletics of the West.

However, the separation of east and west must not be taken too stereotypically. "Mystical East and Pragmatic West" The cultures, philosophies and martial arts/sports of the East and the West have influenced each other throughout history and today. Like yin/yang, one conceals itself within the other. There has always been a great "east/west" paradigm and dynamic, that is quite exciting.


In most cases, martial arts, regardless of their origin, have more in common with each other than they have different. Why? They are human expressions.

"Unless there is a being, with more than two arms and two legs, there is only one style of fighting, the human style of fighting."


- BL


Human Style of Fighting (Empty Hand/Weaponry)

Strategically using the entire human body, as an anatomical weapon and target for ballistics (striking) and constriction, (grappling) against an opponent, including "empty hand and/or weaponry".(edged/impact)


Through our training we practice mindfulness with careful and deep thought. We strive for clarity, courage, perseverance and compassion.

Martial Art/Life Art

Martial art is about taking responsibility, for our own health, happiness and well being! What we all share is our desire for happiness. The trick is to be happy without hurting others in the process. "Don't Tread On Me".


GOAL: Our goal is full and honest actualization as human beings through the mastery of our chosen method.


Think On This: What is?


Direct Active
Indirect Inactive
Directly Indirect Actively Inactive
Indirectly Direct Inactively Active



These types of problems and subsequent problem solving are examples of the dynamics of IJKD/SKDT.


Boxer Rebellion International

BRI operates in the capacity of higher education and offers various courses in martial arts, combative sports, self defense, health and fitness. We offer private, semi-private and group training as well as Worldwide Seminars. BRI currently offers instruction in the USA, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.